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Save time and money with the right agent

Buying a home is a big deal. We’re here to take out the guesswork by matching you with a trusted real estate agent and saving you money and legal headaches off your closing costs.

Not just agents, partners

Navigating the paperwork, negotiating offers, and lining up options are just part of what a good real estate agent does. That's why we'll only pair you with someone we know and have worked with. And if your match isn’t working out? We’ll find another. No questions asked.

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Our Selling Certified team will walk the clients though the options, processes, requirements and timing to insure a smooth process.

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Hypomo's Real estate team utilises Aritificial intelligence coupled with market knowledge to value your home correctly all via an online evaluation.

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Above and beyond

My first contact with Hypomo was with Monika, since day one she has gone above and beyond for my partner and I. I recommend Hypomo to anyone who is looking to buy property abroad, whether it is for a mortgage or for there other services.

Absolutely *brilliant*

Absolutely *brilliant*. I found it hard to find a property and mortgage broker in Bratislava, particularly for someone who is not as familiar with the area and market. Monika and her team have been genuinely excellent with their fast service, the ability to find apartments and mortgages which I can apply for, and just being so responsive to my questions. Whether you are an expat or not, I strongly recommend Hypomo to anyone looking to buy a property. :-)

great service

Monika has provided great service at all stages of the process. Very thorough and all in English too. I highly recommend the service.

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