Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers

Do you sell add on services to the 1% sell commission

Our 1% includes everything, therefore there is no additional options or add ons you can buy.

How do you make money with such low fees?

Hypomo is a young innovative startup which growing quickly at lighting speeds, we have multiple investors who back our efforts to create cutting edge technology that saves you money.

Does Hypomo have any investors?

MKB Bank Hungary was the first investor in Hypomo, Hypomo was part of their Fintech accelerator where it originally grew out. Our other investors are David Graydon and Valeria Rosati.

Who's behind Hypomo?

Mark Flores Martin and Monika Berecz founded Hypomo trough an investment from MKB Bank. It quickly launched in Slovakia and launching in Hungary, Poland and Austria soon.

How do I know that Hypomo is safe?

Hypomo is a certified financial agent with the National Bank of Slovakia. Our registration number is 231967, which you can double-check on the National Bank's official website here.

Will you be at the property viewings?

Of course! Hypomo agents will be with you every step of the way, from viewings to contracts we are here for you. It's all. included in our super low fee.

How can Hypomo offer such low fees?

Hypomo is a Hyper growth startup, that uses the latest in technology innovation and passes on those savings to you. Estate agents nowadays do not need to charge 3% or 5% commission, times have evolved and it's about time pricing does too.

is there some hidden fee besides the 1% selling fee?

Our service has a 1% cost and not a cent more, there are no "additional services" you can purchase from us, our Experts are not Agents, they are highly trained sales ninjas that sell your property at Market value or above.