About us

We use data science to develop strategies, algorithms and tools that allow us to improve your experience when buying or selling your home.

Our Agents are incentives by your happiness, the first broker in the world to operate on a Happiness model.

We care for you

Focused around your needs and your rating.


Our systems are running the latest security technology

Friendly UI

No Bulls*** jargon getting in the way.


Hypomo's mission is to make the process of buying, selling and financing your dream home faster and cheaper.

Monika Berecz
Monika Berecz | Co Founder

About Hypomo

Hypomo started as a mortgage broker company that is transforming the very business model of Brokers as you know it. By introducing technology and clarity into an industry that has none, we’re creating a mortgage experience that is fast, free, and straightforward. Unlike any other broker company, our staff are rewarded based on your review and not based on which bank give them the highest commission. Using our Fintech technology we started building the worlds first Eco System for Real Estate that will drive the entire system.

How is Hypomo’s business different from that of a traditional mortgage Broker?

Traditional mortgage brokers work in a pyramid structure, a scheme which drives sales via their brokers. So when you get a loan through a mortgage broker the company they represent provides them with a list of commissions from banks, this means that they might get a higher commission if you get a loan from Bank A instead of Bank B as they will receive more money from Bank A. This also creates a secondary problem, by not having a wage brokers are motivated to close you as quickly as possible as they also must feed their family. This is why you sometimes end up with a bad deal.

Hypomo was built differently, we pay our staff a monthly wage, we don’t have traditional brokers here just experts who are driven to give you the best deal. Based on your final rating they get some extra money at the end of the month, but none of it is based on commission. Hypomo's "buy a home, help another" campaign is a unique feature which allows our users to donate a part of our profits to a charity they love. We have partnered up with a few charities which we are working with right now and open to others.


You're in good company

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You're in good company

Fidelity is a CMS Webflow template